Mystery Dungeon Prototype Three

Posted on Aug 17, 2022

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So, it’s been a week and a day since I started this round of prototyping. This process is about better learning my work style and failing quickly, so I’m happy to anounce that I’ve failed this one. I’ve not been able to maintain focus long enough to make any significant amount of progress, and I seriously doubt that I will be able to finish the stated goals in six days.

My thought now is that I should mark this attempt up as failed now, analyze, and start again.

What Went Wrong?

The big killer here was relying on inspiration to get work done. If I’m going to meet a goal like this, I have to work in a disciplined, organized way. Next go around, I am going to try setting shorter working hours during the day, in the hopes that I will actually use them for work. If “work” is 1-5 PM rather than 8:30 to 5 (like I was doing), I may feel less of a need to distract myself.

On top of that, I spent a fair amount of this time attempting to re-learn C, where I feel like I should have simply used Godot. The idea of building my games from the ground-up is exciting and appealing, but I’ve also just shown myself that I absolutely need more practice/time. Godot allows me to work quickly and create something, which ultimately is the goal.