Nine Herbs Prototype Four

Posted on Jul 9, 2022

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This post in the My First Game Jam 2022 devlog is the result of a few days of on and off work. Here’s a video demonstrating what’s new.

Over the weekend, I utilized the Dialogic Godot plugin to create cutscene triggers. The Triggers are implemented in a way that I can add any (reasonable) number of them to a scene and they will wire themselves up to start Dialogic events. I’ve wired up Godot physics to pause while the dialogue event is playing. This will allow the player to avoid the stinging bite of the native cave bats during conversation.

On top of that, I turned my developer square into the beginnings of a dungeon. This change was purely for me, I was getting tired of the dev box. Playing around inside a cavern like this really helps me feel like this is a game, and not just a bunch of systems.


I want to implement some interactable items. Doors, jars, magical healing herbs for papa, and torches (for eventual lighting).

After that, I need to create different types of foes to populate the cave depths. There are a few herbs to grab, and they cannot all be guarded by bats.