Nine Herbs Prototype Day One

Posted on Jul 4, 2022

Animated GIF demonstrating day one prototype progress. It shows a game window with an animated woman moving around and colliding with things

My first day of development on this project! Due to it being a holiday, I worked from the couch and while watching movies. I’m happy with what I’ve pulled together so far! Decent-feeling movement, collision, and an okay project structure.

For this project, I’m working in Godot utilizing the C# support. I have a fair amount of experience in C# and .NET professionally, and I feel like the code flows more freely than it did with GDScript. To be clear: GDScript is a fantastic language and is built from the ground-up to work with Godot. The unclear nature of tools like Python just tend to trip me up, I prefer the specifity of curly braces and the like.


After some chats with my sibling Juniper Softworks, I’m over my reservation of not making something 100% original. This is going to be a 16-bit Zelda-style game. Through that, I’ll be able to weave in the themes and characters that have fascinated me for so long. Nine Herbs Charm is proudly based on the imagery and cultural artifacts of the worship of the Scandinavian pagan gods, as they are also my gods.


Tomorrow, I’m going to move my setup over to my work desk so that I can have a more focused day. I need to create player atributes (HP, MP, Ammo), and then I’ll have to find a good-feeling way to handle swinging a weapon. This game is using Godot physics, so it’ll be a good idea to re-read those docs and find any red tape before it trips me up.

Additional image of the woman from before

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